Business plan

GTML offers once in a lifetime opportunity of living a healthier, wealthier & prosperous lifestyle along-with excellent work freedom. GTML exclusive health products and proven business opportunity are exactly what majority of people are searching for – greater wellness and financial security. You make money simply by sharing this opportunity and dream with others. JOIN US NOW and bring your passion for our simple, proven business opportunity, and you’ll find the wealth and freedom you’ve always wanted.

How do i start

You can join us as a consumer member for our products by registering online on our website and start using our products.

After using our products if you are satisfied and want to be associated as a Business Associate to explore the opportunity of selling the products you have to fill a business associate application form under the sponsorship of existing business associate of the company. If you personally don’t know a sponsor we’ll match you with someone near you to mentor you. There are no membership/joining fees or expensive investments. To qualify for all the business incomes, you have to buy the products of minimum 1500 Sales Value (S.V.) within 30 days of registration on your Unique Business ID. Training materials, successful financial plan and your commission earning details will be provided to you by us. All you need to provide us is your commitment to build your future and dream life.

First Sale Incentive

Direct/Spill Over Incentive
Sales Incentive
Sponsor Level Incentive

Regular Sale Incentive

Retail Profit
Performance Incentive
Power Plan Incentive
Leadership Recognition

Terms & Conditions

Key- Words

GTML- Global Trade Mart Limited, a Company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at 20/210, Sir Ki Mandi, Agra – 282002.

Consumer Member- Is a member of Company registered for availing the products and services of the Company for self consumption purpose or for the consumption of friends and relatives only. Member does not denote in any manner relation to the Company otherwise than as customer of the Company.

Business Associate- Is Business member of the Company for selling the Products and Services of the Company either directly or otherwise as Team in accordance with the Business policies and practices of the Company. The Business Associate is strictly subject to the terms and conditions of appointment and will abide by the laid down procedures and practices of the Company for availing the benefits and incentives as given by the Company. In no manner whatsoever the Business Associate will represent himself as an employee/owner/partner/management of the Company.

Sales Value- The term denotes the business parameter of the Company and means the Business Value of the First Purchases by Business Associate. One SV represents equivalent of Rs. 1 of first Purchase by Business Associate.

Login Sales Value- This denotes the Rupee value of First Purchases made by a Business Associate immediately after enrolling as Business Associate of the Company.

Short Team- Short Team denotes the small business making leg of the Business Associate in a parallel leg system of Business.

Cash Back- A Business Associate is entitled to Cash back on regular purchases made by him after his initial purchases. Cash back denotes additional purchase benefits apart from regular margins on purchases and the same is redeemable on subsequent purchases. In no manner cash back can be redeemed in cash but can only be adjusted/redeemed against subsequent purchases made after earning cash back.

Benefit Value- The term denotes the business parameter of the Company and means volumes of business on repurchases of products and services. BV will vary from product to product and across different categories and is defined to assess comparative business volumes on repurchases made by Business Associates. BV will be maximum up-to 80% of Cash value of purchases or 10 Sales value will be equal to 1 BV. For eg. for Purchases of Rs. 1 max. BV can be 0.80

G (Generation)- Generation means the subsequent verticals in business network of Business Associate. It represents the hierarchy wise increase in network teams of a BA.

TS (Team Sales) – Team Sales means the cumulative sales in entire team of a Business Associate and represents Business Volumes of team in reference of BV.

R (Rank) – Rank means the performance achievement status granted after reaching a particular BV volume in a Business month. Based on Rank performance incentive will be received by a Business Associate.

Company Benefit Value- This signifies the Total Turnover Business volumes of the Company. It is the BV quantum of the First Sale plus Regular Sale made by the Company in total.

Incentives & Commissions payments and Deductions thereof

  • First Sale incentives – Paid on weekly basis. Cut off date is Saturday of week and payment date is Wednesday of following week.
  • Regular Sale Incentives – Paid on monthly basis. Cut off date is Last day of Calendar month and payment date is 7th of following month.
  • Reward, Award & Bonanza will be given after 15 days from the Date of achievement. (All taxes and duty will be paid by distributor).
  • All statutory deductions will be made from the Incentives and Commissions before payment. (eg. TDS, Service Tax etc.) Banking Charges/E-Payment Channel Transaction Charges will be deducted from Final Payments and only net amounts would be paid.
  • 5% Admin Charges would also be deducted on Gross Incentives/commissions before payment is made. The same is on account of Account Maintenance and Portal Facilitation.
  • Trimming Charges would be deducted from Sales Incentives in case of over distribution. The Sales Incentives can be reduced from 10% to Max 8% in this case.
  • Monthly sale is mandatory for being an active Business Associate and earning defined incentives and commissions. Monthly Sale would be Min. 500 BV or 10% of Login Sales Value whichever is higher.
  • If Business Associate is not satisfied with quality of products, he/she can exchange the products within 30 days of Purchase date
  • Only Single ID is valid for a person or a PAN.
  • Rs 50/- as bank charges on cash Deposit for per transaction.